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Posted by on May 2, 2019 in auto insurance |

Tips for Adding Your Teenager to Your Auto Insurance Policy

Tips for Adding Your Teenager to Your Auto Insurance Policy

If your teenager has come to that thrilling point in their life when they’re ready to drive (and you’re ready for them to drive, too!), you probably have questions surrounding auto insurance for your child.

If you’re planning on adding them to your policy, these are some of the things that might be on your mind.

Is It Cheaper to Add My Child to My Auto Insurance or to Buy Them Their Own Policy?

Teenagers are almost always more expensive to insure than adult drivers because of their higher risks on the road. That being said, it is usually cheaper to add your teenager to your own policy rather than buy them their own separate policy.

When Should I Add My Teenager to My Auto Policy?

Different states have different laws about when you need to add your child to your auto insurance policy and if they should be on it as a permit driver or if you can wait until they have their full license. In New York, your teen doesn’t need their own policy until they have their driver’s license. When they’re driving with a learner’s permit in your vehicle, your insurance should apply.

How Much Coverage Do Teenage Drivers Need?

Teenagers are at least three times more likely to be in an automobile accident than an adult driver. For that reason, it is strongly encouraged to increase your teenager’s liability coverage from the state required minimums. All drivers are encouraged to get as much insurance as they can afford, and this is especially important for teenager drivers.

How Can Teenagers Save Money on Car Insurance?

One of the best ways for your child to save on car insurance is by telling them about good student discounts that are available. For example, if your teen maintains a B grade average or higher, they might be eligible for a 10% discount on auto insurance.

Plenty of factors will influence things like how much your teenager will pay for auto insurance and what kind of coverage they need. We’re eager to help answer any other questions you have, so get in touch with the professionals at Lupton and Luce Insurance today!