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Posted by on May 10, 2019 in auto insurance |

Parking Lot Accidents

Parking Lot Accidents

Parking Lot Safety Tips to Help Avoid Car Insurance Claims

Parking lots are one of the most common locations for car accidents, and while they often result in minor fender benders, these accidents can still lead to costly insurance claims!

To help keep you and your vehicle safe, here are some parking lot safety tips to help avoid car insurance claims.

Reduce Your Speed

Parking lots often don’t have speed limits posted, but that doesn’t give you license to speed through them. Reduce your speed significantly once you’re in a parking lot, and this can help prevent you from colliding with another vehicle or pedestrian because you’ll have a lot more time to stop and it will be easier to do so.

Use Your Signals

Some drivers assume they don’t need to use their turning signals when they’re in a parking lot, but it’s a good idea to signal whenever you can. This helps give other drivers and pedestrians an idea of where you’re going and is very useful in preventing accidents, especially when you’re turning into a spot.

Don’t Risk It

As tempting as it may be to squeeze into a tight spot closer to your destination so you don’t have to walk as far, this is just asking for door dings and other body damage to your vehicle. Opting for a spot that’s a bit further away might mean you have to walk a bit more, but it can also prevent a major headache when it means avoiding damage to your vehicle or damaging someone else’s car with yours.

Does Insurance Cover Parking Lot Accidents?

If your vehicle has been damaged in a parking lot accident and you’re found at-fault, what are your options for coverage?

Let’s say a car was backing out of a spot and you collided with the tail of the vehicle. If you have collision coverage in place, your insurance can cover the cost of repairing your vehicle! Without collision coverage, you’d be responsible for covering the cost on your own.

Interested in learning more about the best way to protect your vehicle and all of your other assets? Contact us today!