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Life Insurance

The best life insurance program is one that best fits your personal or business need for financial security. That’s where our professional needs assessment interview is so important. We follow up with recommendations and options for your consideration. These recommendations always take into consideration your overall financial security situation and your goals.

Quality products and services

Term Life
Term life insurance is offered and guaranteed for a certain amount of years – typically for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. Term insurance is more widely bought by younger insureds and families who desire to buy as much protection as they can at an economical price. Term rates are considerably lower than whole life policy rates. Often, these term policies are converted to whole life by the insureds as the protection needs decrease (due to children having grown up and left the household and other needs changes).

Whole Life
Whole life insurance policies (which are in effect until the person dies,) are usually more expensive than term policies. But they offer the advantage of cash value which builds over time and can be used as collateral or borrowed against at a reasonable interest rate, or withdrawn to supplement retirement income in later years.

Important considerations

  • Family income protection for your current living standard
  • Pay off debt obligations such as mortgage, car payments, tuition
  • Pay for children’s education expenses
  • Compensate a company for the loss of a key employee
  • Fund a buy-and-sell agreement between business owners
  • Pay for taxes or other final obligations necessary to settle an estate
  • Accumulate funds to supplement retirement income

The above is meant as general information only to help you understand various insurance coverages. For detailed explanations and contract information. we encourage you to contact one of our professional counselors. Thank you.