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Homeowners Questions


Property Loss


Water Damage:
Do not enter a room with standing water as electrical shock hazard may occur.
If the water damage is from leaking pipes, shut off main water.
Contact plumber for emergency repairs.
Do not throw out replaced or repaired parts until an adjuster can inspect all damage.
You can make emergency repairs to avoid further property damage.

  • Take photos
  • Get estimates of repair
  • Save all repair bills

If there is excess water damage, you may want to contact a restoration specialist for the extraction of standing water and complete dry out to avoid the buildup of mold.  Lupton and Luce or your insurance carrier can provide the names of restoration specialist.

Puff back:
If a puff back should occur it is advisable to contact a restoration specialist.
You may vacuum loose soot particles from upholstery, drapes and carpeting.
Do not attempt to clean walls or ceiling, or use of do- it- yourself carpet / upholstery cleaners.

Fire :
The damage caused by fire is the most devastating.
If this occurs, Contact your 24 Hour Claim Reporting Office!
Be sure everyone is removed to safety, including pets (including birds) to a clean environment.
You may open windows for ventilation.
Call a plumber to drain heating system if heat is off in winter.
Discard exposed food items or canned goods which have been subjected to excessive heat.
Smoke filled garments should NOT be cleaned by an ordinary cleaner. Improper cleaning may set smoke and soot odor.

How to file a homeowners insurance claim.


For an impending hurricane, here is an excellent checklist from the Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management