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Boat Insurance

boat insurance

Coverage in the event you have a theft, damage or other loss. Boat insurance covers most water-crafts with motors including fishing boats, pontoon boats, paddle boats, leisure crafts, and yachts. There is limited coverage for small water-crafts under your homeowner’s policy.


Important considerations

  • Small power boats with less than 25 mph horsepower can often be covered under the owner’s homeowners or renters insurance policy.
  • Larger, faster boats require separate boat insurance coverage.
  • Policies carry territorial limits which you must stay within for insurance purposes.
  • Your boat must be kept in seaworthy condition.
  • Boat must be operated by the owner or a listed operator.
  • Worker’s compensation required for vessels with hired crews.

The above is meant as general information only to help you understand various insurance coverages. For detailed explanations and contract information. we encourage you to contact one of our professional counselors. Thank you.

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